"To fly like an eagle, one must have wings like an eagle"


Rectrix - Any of the large stiff feathers of a bird's tail, used in controlling the direction of flight. This is the feather which helps the bird to brake and steer in flight.

Analogous to the name, Rectrix technologies intend to help its customers be in control and in right direction.

Large sized organizations have in-house appliances, home grown tools, applications and resource to carry out business operations successfully. Small and mid-sized enterprises lack these traits which have restricted them from proving their ability and potential.

However, if you think this should keep them away from entering the competitive market or mainstream business; then, you may have to reconsider it. Because, Rectrix not only provides solution to larger industries and business but also to small and mid-size companies with cost effective service that would enable them exploit the resource to fullest extent and achieve results par with international standards. Thus, we have been able to serve to organization of all sizes irrespective of business nature and other factor.

As we believe���.

�Wings Vs Might, as Skills Vs Size�

What makes us better than rest?

Adapting according to market needs by utilizing modern tools and advanced technologies has enabled our organization to new areas of the industry. We believe that achieving job satisfaction by meeting customer expectation allows us to grow further along with the customer success stories.

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