About Us

The mission of Rectrix, a technology services and consultancy firm, is to empower our clients with our engineering capabilities to achieve competitive advantage and deliver delightful service experience to their patrons.

We understand that not every firm is equipped with IT infrastructure especially small and medium size organization, thus through our service we will provide infrastructure support and improve their operational efficiency.

Our major strengths

  • Optimization of resource wisely
  • Customer satisfaction is our paramount priority
  • Ability to transform ideas into actionable strategies
  • Serve business of all sizes

Our Principles:

‘Commitment’, ‘Innovation’ & ‘Quality’.

Mission statement

“To serve as a platform that enables small and medium size enterprises run business operations effectively achieving both productivity and quality. “

Whether it is managing business control systems, developing enterprise application or SOA, we have suite of services that streamlines all the important business functions and help you achieve pre-defined success.

Our solutions have the potential of increasing operational efficiency, deliver customer centric results and manage core key business operations under a single system.

  • "Create like God"
  • "Command like a King"
  • "Work like a Slave"
"Create like God"

Technology Services

Business Control Systems (BCS)

To run any business successfully, it is very important to gain the understanding of overall system dynamics, control points and the measurements... Read More...

Quality Assurance and Testing Services

Every service is formulated keeping the end user or consumer in mind. Understanding the process clearly and incorporating simple and effective...

M S Excel Solutions

Performance management is a suite of software tools designed to identify, assess and measure the business performance... Read More...

Trade Automation Frameworks

Enterprise Application is a premier solution build to meet the enterprise level demands. We are specialized in designing and developing...

Industry Services

Financial Services:

Integrated Systems refer to the effective utilization of available resource controlled under central unit that enables seamless functioning of business operations... Read More...

Back Office Automation:

Rectrix has comprehensive solution for all the demands of modern day enterprise through a systematic approach... Read More...